Studio or Matwork Pilates

    Mat or Studio Pilates? 
Lots of people ask this - please use this a guide and/or call me if you need any more information


 Private Studio sessions with Pilates equipment with programmes designed to meet your specific needs.  
As you will have the teacher all to yourself there is plenty of time for you to get all the help and attention you need to understand the exercises, with the widest range of exercises that will work best for you.
Private sessions are also very helpful in understanding the Pilates principles before attending a group session or class


  • Classes at home - 1:1, 1:2 or small groups  If timing or travelling to the studio or class is getting in the way of your fitness!  - with Personal 'Homeworkout' CD's for you to workout between sessions whether travelling, on holiday or just to keep up the good work!
  • Small group (Matwork) classes within physiotherapy practices (max 7 people in a class) if you prefer the group setting 
  • I love helping people understand and come to grips with the basics of Pilates - so if you've been struggling to understand in a class - a couple of 1:1's might help you get more from it - either in the studio or at your home
  • Corporate classes or 1:1 sessions - keeping you and your employees healthy and helping to reduce absenteeism from back pain.

What's the difference between Studio (equipment) Pilates 

                                                                            and Matwork (group classes)?

Lots of people ask this - Studio Pilates generally refers to work on the equipment that Pilates designed to help people by adding resistance and reducing impact on the body where necessary - so it helps to make the exercises even more specific to someones needs and help them increase tone and balance where it is most needed in their body.  It is generally taught with a much higher ration of supervision (at least one instructor to every 6 clients)  than the matwork classes (in my classes this is a maximum of 1:8).  

The two main pieces of equipment are the Reformer (sometimes referred to as the plie machine) and the Cadillac or Tower.



                                                  Cadillac                                                                          Tower

History of the machines (skip this bit if you want!)

[but just in case you're interested:  the basis of these machines came from the remedial work Pilates did with the recuperating soldiers in WW1 - where he had to use anything he could lay his hands on - which was basically beds and bedsprings!..  This is why the Cadillac looks a bit like a bed with different springs hanging from it (or what some people think look like torture instruments added!).  The Tower has the majority of the equipment of the Cadillac and is often preferred in studios for its accessibility.

The reformer came a little later and was probably the product of Pilates' work with dancers - hence its alternative name the plie machine]

These machines alone add over 500 different exercises (with modifications) to the repertoire! - so working in the studio increases the variety of the exercises  and resistance and means there's always another exercise we can find for you if one doesn't suit or work for you!

The Pilates Matwork is a series of 34 exercises Joseph Pilates originally taught in his studios in New York and can be found in his book 'Return to Life' published in 1945 (and no that isn't a typo!) - the pictures of him in this book are of him practising the exercises at 60 - so it really is for every body of every age..  However we all need to begin with the body we have and whilst some athletes and dancers may be able to start with these exercises, many of us need to work our way towards them a little more gently and so doing some preparatory work on the mat is a great way to begin.  

Whether you decide to go to a Studio or a Matwork class most people will benefit from some 1:1 lessons as we all learn in slightly different ways and I am always happy to do this, whether clients continue to come to my studio or classes or not  they have always told me what a difference it has made to their understanding of the method. 

If you have any questions of any sort, would like to know more or book a session or a class, then please do get in touch with me

Call:     07881 957597


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