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"My interest in the mind/body link, along with my personal experience of Pilates, lead me to train as an instructor with Alan Herdman in London, who teaches both classic and remedial Pilates.

I really enjoy helping people to master the exercises and my enthusiasm for teaching Pilates is constantly renewed by seeing the results in my clients' posture and sense of wellbeing. I am qualified to teach both studio and mat Pilates and enjoy the variety of working in physiotherapy clinics, with people in their homes and at The Pilates Studio in Chiswick."

Jill Taylor qualified as an RGN (Staff Nurse) in London in 1976 and Psychologist in 1992 and is a qualified Pilates teacher (in both Mat and Equipment) and a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals. She received a full training in Studio (equipment based) and Mat Pilates from Alan Herdman (a leader in the Pilates field) which included Clinical and Remedial exercises. Jill has been practising Pilates since 1999 (in the UK and USA) and teaching since 2006 - including a year at Alan Herdman’s Studio. She is currently teaching within Physiotherapy practices as well as the studio in Chiswick.

Jill enjoys teaching remedial Pilates, drawing on an extensive knowledge of medical conditions from her experience of over 15yrs in Nursing, which benefits pregnant and post-natal women and those recovering from operation, illness or injury.  She also enjoys teaching fit and active people looking for more tone, strength and flexibility in their bodies and is also able to teach the more active ‘Classical Pilates’ as taught in the studios in the USA, as people master the exercises. 


What people have said about me!

'Our wonderful Pilates teacher, Jill Taylor offers something above the usual expectations in her ability to tune Pilates positions and techniques to overcome physical restrictions or injuries that has been enormously helpful. This blend of skill and personal attention is very hard to find.

Her clear explanations, her concentration on detail, her concern and interest in each pupil as an individual plus her infectious enthusiasm and good humour ensure that she will be completely irreplaceable.’ 

Susan and Martin

(Management Consultants)


‘Taking up Pilates has been a life defining moment for me.  In the last 3 years it has reshaped my body, improved my posture and relaxed the inevitable tension that comes from long distance driving and sitting at a computer all day long.  My family and friends have all noticed this difference so something must be right.  I am sure, however, that the most benefit has come from having a teacher as dedicated as Jill – she has bags of patience, and an eagle eye and won’t let you get way with shortcuts or bad habits.  I have no hesitation in recommending her classes – just so long as she still has time for me.’

Janet (IT director)

‘I have a very weak back that suffers from a number of unusual conditions and very poor posture and have also had some injuries that make physical exercise a very careful process for me.  I have trained with Pilates teachers in South Africa and Hong Kong, and have always seen benefits, but training with Jill has brought improvements for me that I have not had training with other teachers.

Jill’s understanding of the back and body, of how to correct the cause and not the symptoms of a problem, mean that I now have a natural posture and strength in my back that I would not have thought achievable previously.  From Jill I now also have an understanding of my own body and its specific problems that allows me to function both in Pilates and my everyday life in a healthy and safe way.  This is an understanding that I have not gained from anyone else.

Jill is by far the best Pilates instructor I have trained with.  I have learnt a great deal from her – about exercise, my body and also, thanks to her wisdom and humour , a good deal about a positive approach to life.’ 

Tanya K (Investment Banker)

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